Strong and Free: Lifting of Covid Mandates Marks the Perfect Time to Discover Squamish

Strong and Free: Lifting of Covid Mandates Marks the Perfect Time to Discover Squamish

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After two long years of lockdowns, masks mandates, and vaccine passports, it finally looks as if British Columbia is approaching the finish line of this pandemic. The recent changes to public health measures and a further loosening of restrictions have brought relief and excitement to the many Canadians who have been patiently awaiting a return to normal. With some of the most stringent restrictions in the country, those living in British Columbia have endured countless limitations on their social freedoms. As the restaurant and tourist sectors have been amongst the industries hardest hit, many have been anxiously awaiting a full, province-wide reopening as we approach the spring and summer months of 2022.
The newest announcements from Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Ministry of Health mark the beginning of the end and gives hope for many looking to make the most out of the upcoming warmer months. Since March 11th, individuals are no longer required to wear masks within public indoor settings, and April 8th will mark the end of the province’s vaccine passport program. Thankfully, customers will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination when entering restaurants, shops, or other public gatherings. These changes to the province’s approach to the pandemic come alongside new changes to international entry requirements announced by the federal government. Starting April 1st, fully vaccinated travelers will be able to enter into Canada without a negative Covid-19 test result.
All of these adjustments represent a continued progress on the road to a fully re-opened British Columbia. Already, restaurants, gyms, and other public spaces have been allowed to run at full capacity since February 17th; a policy that has brought relief to countless struggling businesses. Every day, the prospect of a normal summer in British Columbia gets more promising; a warm welcome after two years of lockdown and isolation. With festivals, sports events, and restaurants, British Columbians are finding more and more ways to make the most of our renewed social freedoms.

Squamish is Ready

Having been one of the regions most affected by British Columbia’s Covid-19 restrictions, Squamish and the surrounding Sea to Sky corridor is ready to hit the ground running as more and more restrictions are abandoned. Most important is the resurgence of Squamish’s tourism and hospitality sectors that have faced so many challenges throughout the pandemic. Especially restaurants, who have faced limited capacities, take-out only policies, and even closures throughout the pandemic, are excited at the prospect of a further easing of public health restrictions. For many, the policing of masks and vaccination cards have created added labour and an increase in headaches for staff. But with no limits on capacities, an incoming end to the vaccine passport program and the elimination of mandatory mask regulations, restaurants owners in British Columbia can look forward to a renewed boost in traffic after the struggles of the last two years.
But its not only restaurants who are looking forward to a return to normal. Squamish has long been known for its thriving adventure tourism industry. Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing are just a few of the many experiences that attract so many to Squamish’s wilderness. Both provincial and federal lockdown measures have seriously limited the number of adventure-seeking travellers able to take advantage of all that Squamish has to offer. For nearly two years, individuals from the United States and other parts of the world have been barred from entering the country.
Although, with loosening provincial regulations and a federal end to mandatory testing, those days are quickly moving far behind us. Many Squamish businesses are excited for the upcoming tourism boom as incoming travellers look to explore one of Canada’s most rewarding regions.

Must-See Places to Visit Under the New Guidelines

As Dr. Bonnie Henry continues to relax restrictions and reopen the province, now is the perfect time to take advantage of returning social freedoms by checking out some of British Columbia’s most rewarding experiences along the Sea to Sky highway.

Sea to Sky Gondola

There is no better way to experience the beauty of British Columbia than from the stunning views of the Sea to Sky Gondola. The impressive ten-minute traverse carries passengers up to 885 metres above sea level. At the top, the summit will reward with breath-taking panoramic views, striking wildlife trails, and first-class dining at the Summit Lodge. In recent weeks, the gondola welcomed the newest public health changes and made the decision to cast aside their mask mandate as soon as they were able to do so. There is no update yet as to whether or not they are planning to lift their vaccine requirements on April 8th, but their recent policy changes have shown that they are happy to remove restrictions as soon as possible. Also, to celebrate easing Covid-19 protocols, Sea to Sky is thrilled to announce the return of Sunday Socials. Every week, join friends and family for an unforgettable afternoon of live music, games, and drink specials!


Seeing as Squamish is a central point for many visiting Whistler, many travelers are excited for reduced restrictions and the opportunity to visit one of Canada’s most beautiful mountain communities without fear of restrictive Covid-19 policies. Following Dr. Bonnie Henry’s newest announcements, the municipality of Whistler has echoed a public desire to continue on the road toward normality. Stating that they will act in accordance with public health measures, Whistler has expressed a willingness to finally cast aside restrictions. Thus, throughout the mountain, stores, restaurants and hotels no longer require masks to be worn indoors and following April 8th visitors to the mountain will no longer need to provide proof of vaccination.  We recommend a visit to Whistler’s Open Door Directory website for a comprehensive resource on how businesses are reacting to changing provincial requirements.

Fully Re-Opened Restaurants

Many Restaurants in Squamish have expressed increased frustrations as a result of the constantly changing policies meant to slow the spread of Covid-19. But with the changing rules, restaurants are excited to return to normal and offer an unimpeded dining experience for their patrons. Some restaurants like Whitespot, Match Eatery, and Watershed Grill, have all explicitly expressed a willingness to abide by the provincial public health requirements and are no longer requiring masks or proof of vaccination. While most other restaurants on the popular Cleveland Avenue strip have yet to announce specific re-opening plans, the future looks promising as the majority of restaurants have consistently looked toward getting back to business as usual. Squamish restaurant owners are excited to welcome back customers with open arms now that the province has finally decided to abandon these business-crippling limitations.

Squamish Farmer’s Market

Starting April 23rd, mingle with community members every Saturday during a visit to the Squamish Farmer’s Market. This year will be the market’s 19th year of operation and with over 60 vendors and a stunning granite backdrop of the towering Squamish Chief, this is the perfect opportunity to get outside and involved with one of the friendliest communities in British Columbia. However, despite the new changes to the province’s public health policy, the Farmer’s market is still asking that customers remain masked and socially distanced while shopping.


As we in the province slowly emerge from this pandemic, many are looking forward to new ways to get together with friends and family. Fortunately, some big events are being planned over the upcoming months, providing a great opportunity to get out of the house and overcome those ever-present feelings of isolation and pessimism that have plagued so may over the last two years.

Crankworkx (August 5- August 14)

Due to Covid restrictions and the province’s public health measures, many were disappointed to learn that the Whistler Mountain Biking Festival was cancelled in 2021. However, with the recent announcements, organizers have announced that they’re moving full steam ahead with this year’s festival. Known as one of the biggest mountain biking events in the world, Whistler’s Crankworx brings together the best athletes to compete in a variety of elite-level competitions.

Squamish Constellation Festival (July 22-24)

For many, the effects of Covid-19 have been most felt with the absence of live music events. Everyone has been patiently waiting for the time when we can rejoin a crowd of fellow music-lovers and let loose to the rhythm of heart-pounding speakers. Well, the time has come, live music is finally returning, and the three-day Squamish Constellation Festival is a can´t-miss event for those looking to quench that live music thirst. Featuring two stages of non-stop music and over 60 acts lined up, this incredible festival will be one to remember.

Squamish Beer Festival (June 25)

Join over 2000 beer lovers and 55 craft breweries to experience a summertime gathering like no other. Located in the heart of Squamish, this popular event has often been recognized as one of the best festivals in the Sea to Sky corridor. With food trucks, games, axe throwing, and the best craft beer that British Columbia has to offer, the 6th annual Squamish Beer Festival is guaranteed to be a fun way to spend a hot Squamish day.

Squamish Days Loggers Sports Parade (July 28-31)

After two years of cancellations and shortened programs, the infamous Squamish Days Loggers Sports Parade is back for its 65th year this summer. In the years since 1957, what started as a small group of loggers getting together for some friendly competition, has exploded into an action-packed weekend full of logging events, games, and showcases. Experience the rich tradition of Squamish’s extensive logging heritage with events like chainsaw carving competitions, a world-class logger’s sports show, and the concluding Squamish Days parade.

What Are You Waiting For?

The stormy days of the Covid-19 pandemic are finally clearing as lockdowns, mask-wearing, vaccine requirements, and restricted international travel will soon be a distant memory. More than anyone, the people of Squamish and those along the Sea to Sky Highway are ready to reclaim their lives and resume daily life as normal. With exciting events, popular restaurants, and memorable attractions, Squamish is poised to be a hotspot for travellers looking to get outside and explore all that British Columbia has to offer.
The 2021/22 Whistler Ski Season is About to Begin

The 2021/22 Whistler Ski Season is About to Begin

Whistler Blackcomb is scheduled to open for the 2021/22 season November 25th. Lifts will run from 8:30am until 3:00pm on the 25th. The last day of the season is expected to be April 18, 2022Many of the guests have already booked for the winter season. Hotels and chalets in Whistler Village and the surrounding communities are filling up, but there still are many accommodation options available.

Vail Resorts does not currently plan to reinstate the reservation system it used to manage mountain access last winter amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has announced that it will continue to monitor public health guidance and communicate any necessary safety protocols to guests as needed.

Whistler Blackcomb is North America’s largest ski resort, with over 200 runs and 8,100 acres of glorious terrain. Whistler’s West Coast provides reliable snowfall and moderate temperatures, and Whistler Blackcomb has been voted Best Ski Resort in North America multiple times.

Edge Cards are once again included in Vail Resorts’ list of pass products. They are available only to Canadian and Washington State residents. Edge cards accommodate for two, five or 10 days of skiing at Whistler Blackcomb (Guests are able to use up to two days with the 5-Day Edge Card, or up to three days with the 10-Day Edge Card at some other Vail-owned resorts.) Prices for a 2-day card start at $175.00 CAD, a 5-Day at $367.00 CAD, and a 10-Day card at $631.00 CAD. These prices are about 20% less than last year’s pass costs.

The Whistler Blackcomb Unlimited Pass is currently being offered for $1,119.00 CAD. Pass holders have unlimited, unrestricted access at Whistler Blackcomb exclusively, as well as 50% off lift tickets at other Vail Resorts properties, and 20% off at Whistler Blackcomb-owned retail stores and on-mountain restaurants.

Saving Money on Your Whistler Ski Vacation

Accommodations can be one of the biggest expenses when planning your Whistler vacation. One way to reduce the cost of accommodations is  booking in one of the outlying Whistler neighbourhoods, and taking a bus or shuttle to the Village. The savings typically offset the 15 – 35 minutes spent on the short commute to the lifts.

But there’s another option many Whistler guests haven’t considered: the very affordable motels and hotels in Squamish, located just 45 minutes from Whistler Village, via Highway 99. The quiet town of Squamish offers almost all of the amenities of Whistler Village, without all the hustle of bustle of the resort. You’ll feel more rested, and your wallet will certainly thank you.

Squamish Accommodations are the Perfect Complement to Whistler Skiing

Squamish Accommodations are the Perfect Complement to Whistler Skiing

Every year, thrill-seekers from around the world can’t wait to visit Whistler Mountain for some of the best skiing available. The area sees millions of visitors each year, looking for the best slopes and seeking out the best accommodations available. With all of the excitement, it’s often overlooked just how full the area is in peak skiing months. Imagine arriving only to learn that everything is booked for miles around. This is certainly not a great start to the vacation most people dream about. Squamish accommodations are the perfect complement to Whistler skiing for a number of reasons.

It’s Less than an Hour Away

Squamish is only 40 minutes from Whistler by car or bus, which is something visitors don’t realize. In the time it takes to enjoy a couple of cups of coffee or have a big breakfast, they can reach Whistler and get ready for an exciting day on the slopes.

It Expands Recreation Opportunities

Those who love to ski are often the individuals who love horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and exploring in general. Squamish has some of the most legendary trails in British Columbia, and they are accessible from virtually anywhere in the community. Those who need a break from the serious sports can enjoy phenomenal eagle watching, catching sights and pictures of these majestic, nesting birds. Gorgeous lakes are dotted all over the city, with tons of water sports, and Squamish offers up some of the best kayaking around. Those who stay in Squamish don’t limit their potential activities to just skiing!

Squamish is More Affordable and More Peaceful

While the excitement of Whistler Village can be exilerating, for many people it quickly starts to overwhelm the senses. Crowded areas, noise, congestion and traffic soon start to grate on the nerves and make what was supposed to be a fantastic vacation into an annoyance. Squamish offers beautiful accommodations without all of the hustle and bustle that makes some individuals dread the stay in Whistler Village. Plus, prices are much more affordable. Those who stay in Squamish aren’t dealing with “ski-season prices” the way they are in Whistler Village. For these reasons, savvy visitors who have been skiing in Whistler for years consider Squamish a quiet retreat from their retreat!

Close to Vancouver Shopping and the Vancouver International Airport

For those who will be arriving via the Vancouver International Airport, Squamish is much closer than Whistler, making it convenient and easy for weary travelers to rest and energize. It’s also close to downtown Vancouver shopping, so those who want to bring back fun souvenirs can easily access the most popular stores and retail services, as well as some of the more historic and quaint shops and boutiques the area is known for. With Squamish being closer to Vancouver, all-day shopping trips are more enjoyable, but quick trips to find forgotten gear or special items are possible as well.

Those who are new to skiing in Whistler and those who have been enjoying those majestic slopes for years can benefit from Squamish accommodations. From more affordable prices and a more relaxing atmosphere to a wider variety of recreational activities and a convenient location, Squamish offers many of benefits for those planning a Whistler skiing trip.

Whistler’s 2012/2013 Ski Season Opens

Whistler’s 2012/2013 Ski Season Opens

The 2012/2013 ski season officially opened today. Blackcomb is scheduled to open on the 22nd.

Whistler was recently awarded Number One Ski Resort in North America by the readers of SKI Magazine. Whistler’s consistent and reliable snow fall, the size and variety of its natural terrain, combined with the highest quality visitor experience make Whistler Blackcomb one of the best ski resorts in the industry. Snowfall is expected to be excellent again this season.

Additional Information

Whistler Snow & Weather Forecast
Whistler Road Conditions  (and of course you can check the top bar of this site for weather)
Cheap Whistler Accommodations in Neighboring Squamish, BC

Squamish Hotels & Motels – Budget Accommodation for Whistler Skiing

Squamish Hotels & Motels – Budget Accommodation for Whistler Skiing

Many Whistler skiiers and snowboarders have discovered that the best way to ski on a budget in Whistler is to stay in nearby Squamish. If you have your own vehicle you can drive into Whistler each day. It’s about 45 minutes each way. Or take the convenient shuttle. It’s a beautiful drive through one of the most spectacular winter wonderlands on earth. The Tantalus mountains are breathtaking and streams and rivers weave their way through snow-covered forests.

It’s pretty much impossible to find Whistler hotel rates starting at only $65.00/night. Availability and selection are better in Squamish and Squamish offers a quiet alternative to the busy night life of Whistler. You’ll feel more rested for a great day of Whistler skiing :-).