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Don’t Miss The Final Test of Metal Mountain Bike Race

Apr 24, 2016

The Squamish Test of Metal mountain bike racing could be described as “a tough 67-kilometers cross-country mountain bike race. But Squamish Test of Metal is much more than a mountain bike race. It is a special and memorable event that participants never forget.

The Squamish Test of Metal mountain bike racing was originally known as the Brodie Test of metal and it was held at Robert Creek on the Sunshine coast. This was back in the 1990s and the race was later held in Squamish in 1994 and 1995. However, after the races in Squamish in 1995 the event was cancelled and that is when Cliff Miller, founder and president of Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association, and Kevin McLane, author and publisher of rock climbing guide book met and acquired the rights to the Test of Metal. These two helped develop the course plan and the construction was largely completed by volunteers. It’s this community spirit and involvement that have made Squamish Test of Metal so dear to the people of Squamish. In 1996 Squamish Test of Metal mountain bike racing was reborn on its present course.

The Squamish Test of Metal mountain bike racing is truly a test of mettle, with the unrelenting course taking at least two and half hours for the fastest rider to finish, while the average competitor will take about four hours to complete it. The majority of the recreational riders will invest between five to six hours.

Over 800 racers will participate in this event, but Squamish Test of Metal mountain bike racing is not just a single event but a festival for anyone looking for mountain racing related fun. As the spectators wait for the racers at the finish line at the Loggers Sports Grounds, they can take in the CrossFit Stones and Strength competition. Also present will be many vendors for food, souvenirs and cycling gear.

Before the main event there will be the Mini Metal held on Sunday morning at the Squamish Adventure Centre parking lot. This event is designed to give the young riders a chance to compete. In the afternoon it will be the downhiller’s time as they race down some of the toughest mountain bike terrains in Squamish. The Rockstar and Celebrity Challenge are other classics that you won’t want to miss. To add to these festivals, there is a lot of fun planned for Friday night.

In commemoration of the final race, the organizers of this event have come up with a series of races named: One Last Hell of a Series. This is a four-part mountain bike racing series with the third being the Test of Metal. The series has been running since May 7th starting with Gearjammer. The second, NIMBY Fifty, was held on 28th May, Test of Metal on June 18th and finally JABR will be held on September 17th. The main aim of One Last Hell of a Series is to recognize those bikers who are willing to complete the full challenge of the four epic races. Points for individual races will be recorded and accumulated while the points for the best three races will be used to determine the winner.