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Brackendale Eagle Festival

Nov 25, 2019

This January we celebrate the 34th annual Brackendale Eagle Festival and Count 2020. The annual Bald Eagle Count is held on the first Sunday in January. The month-long festival offers a lineup of concerts, group tours, art shows and lecture series. The events calendar for 2020 should be online soon at Brackendale Art Gallery.

Brackendale has become known as the World Eagle Capital. In 1994 the world record count of 3,769 wintering American Bald Eagles was recorded. Each year, the Brackendale Winter Eagle Count is carried out by trained volunteers. During the count day, visitors are welcome to go into the park and view the eagles, and enjoy the amenities of the Brackendale Art Gallery, as the count results are returned and tallied throughout the day.

The 2019 – 2020 EagleWatch program runs from November 9 through January. Each year volunteer interpreters share their knowledge and love of bald eagles with people from around the world. Eagle Run dike is an accessible site, with a ramp on the south end.

Half day outings are offered by Squamish Rafting Company, from October through April. Anyone interested in eagle watching and the spawning salmon that attract the eagles to the river is sure to enjoy the Wilderness & Eagle Viewing Float. A hearty restaurant-style bowl of chilli is served, with hot beverages.

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