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Experience Winter The Way It’s Supposed to Be at Sea to Sky Gondola

Jan 25, 2016

Away from the freezing rain and fog, the Sea to Sky Gondola offers you the opportunity to enjoy winter and view it in a whole different way. For many people, summer means fun and enjoyment but that is not always the case with winter. However, if you want to make your winters more enjoyable than summers, then, Sea to Sky Gondola is the place to be. There are plenty of winter activities that will make your visit forever memorable.

The Location

The Sea to Sky Gondola is located in Squamish at the heart of the Sea to Sky corridor. This is one of the most important areas in Canada as it offers some of the world’s most spectacular views of the glaciers, mountain scenery, sub alpine meadows, granite monoliths that are huge among many others. It is for this reason that Squamish, and in particular the Sea to Sky Gondola is one of the best places to visit for winter activities. These activities never come in short and they include:


Whether you are an experienced snowshoer or a first timer; don’t worry, this place will just be perfect for you. This region experiences some of the deepest snows in North America and thus offers all kinds of terrains for snowshoeing. Whether you want steep, flat, rugged, smooth and quiet; all that is in place for you. The network of trails and roads is expansive and covers all that you would want. You can snowshoe at your own pace without sharing the trail since there are exclusive terrains for skiing.

Winter Walking

If you want to take a break from the city life and experience winter at its purest, then you should come to the Sea to Sky Gondola. Come experience the tranquillity and peaceful nature of snow-capped forests as well as getting a view of some of the most scenic areas of British Columbia. Winter cannot be over without a quiet peaceful walk!


Tubing is a suitable and fun activity for all ages. The tube park, located just near the wonderland lake loop offers four different lanes of varying sliding levels. Come slide, in the tube, through the thick ice and have the time of your life! In case, you are not tubing, the viewing deck is also an excellent alternative for you. This is the point at which you can view all the action as it happens. You can let your children slide in the tubes as you watch and supervise.

Ski Touring

Skiing and snowboarding are perhaps some of the most popular and enjoyable winter activities. However, skiing at the Sea to Sky Gondola is a whole new experience. The terrain is just so unique and the snow is very deep. The area is also very expansive and the fun will be endless. However, there are some areas that might be quite dangerous for an inexperienced and beginner ski tourer and it is thus important to exercise caution.

Visit the Sea to Sky Gondola and winter will never be the same again!


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