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Squamish Accommodations for the Film Industry

Aug 17, 2016

Since the construction of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway gave birth to a small terminus town in the early twentieth century, Squamish has attracted people for a variety of reasons. The city is incorporated into the homeland of the Squamish people and is close to a number of Squamish nation reservations. It is also home to a large network of trails suitable for hiking, climbing and mountain biking, while the winds on Squamish Spit make this a popular destination for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

What you may not know about Squamish, however, is that it is a very popular destination for filming television series and movies. In fact, Squamish has welcomed the cast and crews of several blockbusters, including 2016’s multiple Oscar-winning the Revenant, Star Trek Beyond, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, and dozens more. Some of the top series currently showing, such as Bates Motel, Green Arrow and Supernatural, as well as recent hits like Continuum have also spent time capturing scenes in the varied terrain in and around the city.

But why Squamish? What makes this area so special? Well, firstly, it’s got to do with proximity to Vancouver. Give or take one hour’s drive along Highway 99 from Vancouver, it is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the city’s booming film industry.

Besides the numerous Canadian shows that get filmed in Vancouver and surrounds, many US-based shows and movies are also filmed here, thanks in part to the favourable exchange rates, the large number of available film and production crews and also thanks to the nature of the area.

Because most large United States cities are virtually instantly recognizable, thanks to specific landmarks and buildings, it can often be difficult to shoot a story without pinning it down to a specific location. By contrast, although residents will certainly recognize their town or region, Vancouver and surrounds are seen as sufficiently “generic” to be able to film without having to identify a location.

Squamish, in particular, is blessed with fantastic scenery, including a number of mountains, inlets at Howe Sound, forests, provincial parks and the hundreds of trails we mentioned before, making it an ideal destination to capture several different types of location, all within a small radius. Highway 99 – the Sea to Sky highway – also provides long, straight stretches ideal for filming. Thanks to this landscape, Squamish is somewhat known as being a filming location for action, adventure and nature scenes.

And of course, it’s not just the landscape that makes it such an ideal location. With eleven different churches and temples, as well as diverse and interesting architectural styles in a city that’s over a century old, filmmakers are spoiled for choice. The city boasts areas that give both a small-town atmosphere as well as a modern city vibe

The weather also plays nice in Squamish. Although it does see more than its fair share of rain, Squamish has a decidedly low snowfall average, which means that, while it may be cold, there isn’t as much risk of needing to deal with snowed-up streets and the filming season can go for longer.

Because of its inherent suitability as a filming location, the town also goes out of its way to make things as easy as possible for film crews. Squamish falls within the Regional Tax Credit Zone, making it a cost-effective filming choice.

Filming approvals are swiftly and professionally handled, earning it a reputation as one of British Columbia’s most film-friendly municipalities. This in turn has led to Squamish attracting a growing number of resident film talent and crew, including acting professionals, special effects professionals, costume designers and more. In fact, producers are actively encouraged to hire local crews and production staff; anyone working in the film and television industry in Squamish can have their details and credentials added to a list that is provided to producers by the city specifically for the purposes of encouraging local hiring.

August Jack Motor Inn is centrally located at 37947 Cleveland Avenue, Squamish and provides a convenient , cost-effective location to house cast and crew. We are within walking distance of numerous amenities, including restaurants and grocery stores, and our location in a quiet area, surrounded by breath-taking views of the Stawamus Chief Mountain and Shannon Falls, as well as three open parks, means your production people will be able to relax in comfort and peace after a hard day’s filming. We also offer free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in all rooms, making this ideal accommodation during filming.